Monday, April 23, 2012


I am severely broken out with shingles on the right side of my face.  Luckily, my eyeball is clear of shingles, which could cause blindness, but the eyelid is shingled & swollen, as is my forehead, temple, nose & that entire side of my upper face.  I went to the opthamologist today.  His advice is "Don't worry, be happy!"  In other words, stress & a suppressed immune system caused my shingles - so I have to try not to worry about the fact that my face is disfigured for several weeks and the pain is excrutiating & I cannot get out in public.  Pain pills don't help because this pain is a "nerve" reaction.

Talking & thinking about this causes me stress, so I decided to copy the notes my daughter made from the doctor today to put on this blog so I don't have to repeat the story over & over via texts, emails, & facebook.

Here are Monica's notes from Dr. Hu:
  • Next month – anti-viral medication (finish ten day supply then start a lower dosage for a month)
  • no narcotics, Tylenol & Advil only
  • Contagious to people that haven't had chicken pox & visible signs of the shingles for several weeks
  • See Dr. Hu in one month
  • Enter phase two – did not mention this phase except for the nerve stabilizer
  • Nerve stabilizer – don’t know what this is yet
  • Even after visible shingles is gone, phantom pain will last forever, could be constant or sporadic
  • Stress will bring it back in the same place & can bring back pain
  • Minimize stress as much as possible
  • Rest, Rest, Rest
  • No exercise if that is tiring or causes stress
  • Vacations, moving, and weddings/pregnancies – the most stressful activities in life
  •  No zantax to help with anxiety or stress – Dr. Hu doesn’t like those, just REST

Daughter reminded mom she was just given a “Get out of an activity –no guilt or sadness – Card.” Just say “no” to all of the activities that cause her stress. Lighten the activities on her daily, weekly, and monthly calendars. Friends and family will understand. If they don’t, have them call Monica.

I will pretty much be "resting" at home the next couple of months.  This disfiguring condition cannot be hidden by clothing if it was on another part of my body - that sucks!  No luncheons, no recitals, no birthday parties, no end of year school programs, no movies, no shopping, no church, no parties, etc., while I heal - physically & mentally.

I am not in much of a mood today to make this a "learning experience" - so google shingles & shingles around the eye to learn more about this terrible condition & this dormant virus left over from the chicken pox that attacks your body.

To make a long story short, I am stressed as to how to reduce stress!  If you find the secret, let me know.  As Dr. Hu said, I could not help the fact that I have had breast cancer & all the treatments that brings or the fact that my sister suddenly died.  But, I'm going to try to figure this all out.....

Prayers needed.