Monday, October 31, 2011

Scarf Mania

Head Scarf 101:

I went to youtube to learn how to tie scarves onto my bald head - thanks to all  the contributors!  Scarves are so much cooler on the head than wigs - but I'm sure this winter I'll  enjoy the  warmth of  the wigs.  Anyway, to have variety into my headgear wardrobe, I spent all day Sunday watching youtube videos & practicing on myself with how to tie scarves.  I took pics from my cell phone of myself - so the quality is not that good, but at least you can tell what to expect it you should run into me wearing a scarf.

Next I'll be learning how to "fix" my wigs & will post pics of those next.  All this just in time for Halloween!  Trick or Treat!!

PS:  I never wore scarves.  I preferred wigs.  But, I'll leave this up to show the various ways to tie them.