Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

May this year of 2012 be
A year of Health & Happiness
A year of Wealth & Wisdom
A year of Peace & Prosperity
A year of Glee & Glow
And also a year of Love & Laughter...
Happy New Year!

Last year was a year of health trials and tribulations for me with my breast cancer diagnosis & the subsequent mastectomy and chemotherapy.  But, I must say it made me a stronger person & gave me a new outlook on life.  I appreciate each wonderful day, each dear family member, each treasured friend, each bright, sunny day, & each cozy, rainy day.  I am thankful to God for all the love, support, & encouragement that I received from my family & friends.  I am thankful to God for the success of my surgery & all the good test results.  I will be a survivor & be a better person for all that I experience during this little bump in the road.
Yep, 2011 was indeed a little Bump in the Road!

2012 will be another year of fighting & overcoming my breast cancer.  I will go through radiation which is supposed to make you very fatigued.  Even with that, my girlfriends & I are planning a once a week lunch date at some fun place in Dallas - yummy!  Gotta' have my nourisment & giggling, right?  And, well, as far as the fatigue, I know I can just sit in my easy chair, read a good book, watch TV, play on my laptop or iPad if I talk myself into getting one (facebook, texts, & email), or crochet the many afghans I have planned for friends & family - because this rough road, too, shall pass! 
With the good Lord & the support & encouragement of my family & friends  I can & will endure the Rough Road ahead!

The plastic surgeon will give me 6 months to get over the radiation effects, then will be ready to do my reconstruction.  Goodbye lopsided bustline, hello newly constructed foob (what they call a fake boob), lifted other boob, & tummy tuck (he's using part of my tummy to build the new boob) - yeehaw!  That will be major surgery but the final result should be worth it.  Then, I'll have another surgery to build a fipple (fake nipple).  No pain, no gain!

Do I need to get a t-shirt that says Under Construction?

Thanks again to everyone for being there for me this past year!  I couldn't have done it without you!  Have a blessed 2012!