Monday, December 26, 2011

Chemo #4 Side Effects: Good News!

Acupuncture warded off all nausea, vomiting, & diarrhea for my last chemotherapy infusion treatment session!  I am so thankful that chemo is over & done with!  I highly recommend acupuncture plus self acupressure on the appropriate trigger points during chemotherapy.  There was a world of difference between my first two chemo sessions & my last two! It was worth every penny to have the acupuncture to take away the evil side effects of nausea.

Now, I'm just waiting for the doctors to contact me after the holidays to set up my radiation treatments.  I think the first appointment will be to tattoo my radiation points & set up the treatments.  I will receive 6 1/2 weeks of 5 day a week treatments.  The daily drive to Dallas will be grueling, but I intend to make it fun by having a "girls lunch" once a week with friends while we are in Big D!!  Oh, the places we'll go.....

While awaiting the next phase of BC treatment, I'm reading a lot about healthy living & especially healthy eating to counteract a future recurrence.  Bought myself a new bookcase from Pier One (one of my favorite stores) to house my new library.
New Pier One bookshelf.  Thanks, Dennis for helping me get this home!

Nutrition books for fighting cancer.

Currently reading this one.

Healthy eating books I already owned.  Now I need to follow them!

Books for the soul!

More books to feed the soul!

Dr. Susan Love's Breast book - the Bible of BC

I'm also doing a lot of crocheting as I continue to stay away from crowds until my immune system gets back to normal - whatever that is!  I have many afghans to make so I'm a Happy Hooker!

This is one of 2 baby boy afghans I'm making for upcoming births.  Then I have some afghans to make for my grown up family & friends!  You can tell, I'm sitting on my cheetah recliner, still in my pj's, crocheting & watching tv.  No complaints here!