Sunday, February 12, 2012

Great 1st Week of Radiation!

I've had 7 radiation treatments & they've all gone well!  I have not encountered traffic on my route from Arlington to Dallas any day!  No side effects - just a little tan!  The valet parkers are so pleasant & accommodating!  (Last week, they parked my car in the lot across the street instead of in one of the few "rad spots" in front of the facility so I could leave my car at UTSW & go with a friend to lunch & the movies.  When I got back to get my car, the valet literally "ran" across the street to get my car so I would not have a long wait.  I immediately went into my purse & doubled his tip!)  The  check-in clerks are full of smiles!  The other rad ladies in the dressing area, aka "holding cell", are full of "have a good day" wishes & smiles.  The rad technicians are kind & efficient!  I have no complaints!  I am 7/33 through with this journey.  What common fraction does that convert to??  I want to have a big celebration party after my last rad on Mar.19!!!!

There are only
5 weeks  1 day   2 hours   20 minutes
until radiation is over!
(As of Feb. 12.  Not that I'm counting!)