Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Halfway Point of Radiation!

This Friday will be the halfway point of my radiation treatments - 17 of 33 scheduled treatments will be completed!  Yippee!  So far, so good with the side effects.  Have not yet felt "radiation fatigue", but they say that plus the skin redness, blisters, etc., usually happen the last couple of weeks.   I'm getting used to the daily drive to Dallas - have had no traffic problems or weather delays!  Usually we get snow or ice in February - but is is forecast to be in the 80's tomorrow!!!  Can you believe it?

I had a "Halfway Point Radiation Celebration" lunch with good friends I've had since high school (some since 1st grade!) at Mia's Mexican restaurant yesterday in Dallas.  They have been a constant source of support & have kept up with my breast cancer journey on a constant basis!  They have certainly been an important factor in me getting through all this!  We had a blast visiting & laughing!  We're planning another one in mid-March when radiation is completed!!!  Then I'll get 6 months off for my radiated skin to recouperate before I go through major reconstruction - newly constructed breast, breast lift & reduction on the other side, & a tummy tuck.  I'm eating healthy to counteract cancer recurrence & to just be fit & healthy!  I should be at my optimum weight when I go through reconstruction - yay!  I have already lost almost 30 pounds just eating healthy & not dieting!

Here's a pic of the girls from yesterday's lunch.  Four out of  the ten of us in the pic have had breast cancer. Always do your self breast exams & get regular mammograms!  All 4 are survivors!  : )