Friday, March 2, 2012

2/3 Done & Then Some Fun!

The Lunch Bunch
We used to eat in 30 minutes in a cramped teacher's lounge.  Nowadays, we pick a fun place for lunch & stay as long as we darn well please - as often as we can!  And our group grows each year!

As of today, I am 2/3 of the way through with my radiation treatments! Just a little red & itchy - but still have enough energy to go, go, go!  After my treatment today, I met my retired or "outta' there" teacher & staff friends from the elementary school that was my home campus as a speech pathologist the last few years before I retired. We met at the fun Bishop Arts District (BAD) in Dallas. We had a delicious lunch at Eno's Pizza then enjoyed eclectic shopping at places such as Fete-ish & Bishop Street Market. A couple of us bought tie-dyed hippie hoodies at Fete-ish!

We loved shopping at Fete-ish!!!

It was a fun day & our group has plans to go back to the BAD & try out several other fun eating establishments - like Veracruz, Oddfellows, & Tillmans.  Any other suggestions?  We've about worn out Hattie's - ha!  We've also eaten at Hunky's & Gloria's  - all good places!