Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Chemo #2 Side Effects

As I mentioned in the  last update, daughter Monica took me to chemo treatment #2 on Nov. 1 and all went well that day except that I did lose my baked potato dinner that night - which I thought was an earlier reaction than last time.  Anyway, I went back on Nov. 2 to get the neulasta shot - which is a 24 hours later requirement.  Meanwhile, I had put myself on the Claritin regimine to ward off bone pain.  I also had my shot given in the stomach rather than the arm, which another waiting room patient guru recommended.  I'll take all the helpful advice I can get from whomever,  whenever,  and wherever to  make this all more manageable and tolerable!  I asked the neulasta injection nurse about the Claritin rumor and she admitted that she had heard of it and that it happens to be an "incidental finding".  Well, I wish she had of told me last time!!!!  Because it worked!  No major bone pain this time.  Praise the Lord!  However, I did have lots of "tummy trouble" for several  days - not  fun!  Very indisposed and uncomfortable.  There weren't enough "throw up" buckets in the house!  However, a friend has recommended that I go to the dollar store & buy up lots of large plastic bowls for the next 2 rounds of chemo - that I can just throw out & be done with the yuk!  Great idea, huh?

Thanks to my good friends who made me homemade soups for nourishment for this round.  I know they had to modify their recipes beause of my vegetarian status.  Paula made me a delicious vegetable soup and a yummy roasted potato soup.  She added some gourmet rolls and shredded parmesan to complete those meals.  Also thanks to my Martha Stewart friend, Brenda, who made me some to-die-for potato corn chowder.  Those soups were definitely a comfort food all week!  Love you girls!

Okay, now back to the chemo  reactions this  time.  On the day after the neulasta shot I was very lethargic but only had minimal leg aches from the bone marrow making white blood cells, as the shot directs it  to do.  However, on day #3 from chemo,  it all hit.  I had to cancel dinner plans because I was so weak & felt so yucky.  Couldn't trust myself being away from the house, if you know what I mean.  TMI (too much information)?  Sorry.  I stayed in bed all day and the vomiting and diahrrea hit that evening and lasted FOUR MORE DAYS!  Five days of this was beginning to worry some of my friends that I was going to dehydrate, but finally, on Wed., Nov. 9 - I felt good!  Praise God again! 

So, while I'm feeling good I'm doing all my errands and trying to stock my everything I will be needing in the house.  Due to the tiredness, I am watching a lot of television, but crocheting at the same time - always a multi-tasker!  This is the afghan my granddaughter Caitlyn requested I make  for her (you can see I am STILL in my pajamas - ha!):

I am also doing a lot of reading.  Thanks to my son-in-law's sweet mom for sending me this wonderful, inspirational, book by Suzie Humphreys - which, by the way, is an autographed copy!!!!!
My daughter Monica helped me  figure out that it seems like 8 is my lucky number.  On the 8th day from chemo both times is when I begin to feel human again!  Also, I was born on the 8th of December, so from now on I claim 8 as my lucky number!  Let's see if it plays out again after my next chemo which is coming up next Tues., Nov.  22. 

Pic above is in case you haven't seen me in my wig that looks like my own hair.

Hugs to my sweet niece, Rachel, for sending me this hat to keep my head warm this winter - I love it!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving everyone.  Hug those you love!  Cherish each day!  As Suzie Humphreys wrote to me, I repeat to you, "Blessings with Love and Laughter"!