Saturday, November 19, 2011

"The Healing" CD

I have a friend that went through breast cancer and chemotherapy 4 years ago and is now a survivor.  She  has been a great resource for me from the beginning of my diagnosis.  She told me the right books to read for medical and spiritual guidance.  She also sent me a CD called "The Healing" that she listened to during her own healing.  I have almost worn this CD out.  "The Healing" is a musical movement created to produce life.  "It is Written," the series, is a simple yet profound musical and vocal journey woven with a recitation of the very Words of our  Creator.  It affords the opportunity to get in the presence of the One who can rescue and heal.  You listen, rest,  meditate on and enjoy the  Words of Eternal Life! 

The Healing CD: Consists of 46 minutes of professionally and beautifully produced music by Platinum and Gold Record Award winner, Tom Davis. Contemporary worship, Hymns, and 78 Healing Scriptures being read by Tom Davis will lead you to a place of peace and faith in God…and bring healing to your life!
I highly recommend this CD!  Thanks, Lynne, for giving me my treasured copy.

A friend asked me for the link to get this CD, so here it is.  This is not an advertisement, but just a word of mouth recommendation from one friend to another.