Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chemo Treatment #2

Wearing wig this time.

I took chemo treatment #2 yesterday.  A couple of patients in the waiting room gave me some advice on the side effects of the neulasta shot I have to go get this afternoon.  This is the one that makes your bones feel like you've been run over by a Mack truck, and in which pain meds barely help.  They said to take Claritin the day before the shot, one hour before the shot, and five days after the shot to reduce the severity of the bone pain.  I know this sounds crazy but I'll try anything that might work.  I asked my chemo infusion nurse about this and she hadn't heard about it.  I'll ask my neulasta injection nurse today if she has heard about it.  I checked it out online and lots of patients swear by using Claritin so I am trying it.  And praying it works....

Side efffects so far from Chemo Treatment #2 include very upset tummy last night after I ate a baked potato.  I didn't keep it down very long.  I think the upset tummy brought on the vomiting.  Potato was determined not to remain with me.  Don't want another Colter's baked potato.....ever!