Monday, December 19, 2011

Jane Fonda, too? Who knew?

This is from November, 2010 - just last year!  Loved her on Dr. Oz today.  She has a great attitude on aging & looks terrific at age 74!  Sorry if you missed it.  Here's the link - don't know if it's the entire show.  If not, maybe you can find it at his site somewhere! Try this:  I have forgiven her for her past sins - lol!  I plan to buy her new Trim, Tone, & Flex DVD, plus 2 more of her DVD's in this series for people MY age!  I had all her old ones in my younger days - & did them with her!

Breaking News: Jane Fonda Discloses Breast Cancer Scare
                                                     Jane Fonda Has a Breast Cancer Scare | Jane Fonda