Thursday, December 1, 2011

One Day at a Time

Chemo is a learning experiencce! I am learning one thing about chemo side effects - they are unpredictable. I have also learned that advice from different health fields conflict with one another. I was too quick to jump on the band wagon about taking herbal health supplements and too quick to think I had a handle on predicting chemo side effects with each treatment - according to how the past treatments have gone. I have learned to listen to your oncologist while going through chemotherapy about not taking herbal supplements - only after posting an update that they were the cat's meow! I have learned that I never know which days after chemotherapy I will be experiencing nausea and vomiting - it could all be over on day #8 or start on day #8. I have learned that some days you will be so lethargic and some days (usually at the end of the chemo phase) you will start acquiring energy again to get through the day. You just never know. It is best just to accept what each day brings and realize it is a result of chemotherapy killing cancer cells. Some days you will feel okay and somedays you will feel like heck.

I am learning that with chemo, you just not anticipate, just take it one day at a time. It is a healing process, and this too shall pass and you will be a survivor with all this behind you.