Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Dr. Teotia came to talk to me and Melissa. Here are my notes in bullet fashion because my brain can't handle composing complete sentences right now. -no trouble with veins and arteries -because of the radiated skin, he had to make a very big breast. (it is actually bigger than the right breast which has always been the biggest). -he took lots of the abdomen -he will liposuction that big breast later -he had to use pig skin -4-5 months he will lift the other breast -thinned the blood for her arteries -lots of tension in her stomach for 1-2 weeks -she will be in the flexed position for a couple of weeks -her big breast will settle with time -20%of patients will have some wound issue -ICU for two days -we will get to see her in about 1-2 hours