Tuesday, September 18, 2012

She looks great!

We got to go up to mom's room and see her for a bit. She was really sleepy but was curious how it all went. I gave her some of the facts but know she will want to hear more tomorrow or hear it again. I got a peek at her new breast and tummy and Dr. Teotia did a beautiful job. Her tummy is thin and flat and her new breast is perfect! It is quite amazing how doctors can do things like that! Mom was feeling pain so they gave her more meds and more anti-nausea meds too. She was falling fast asleep so my sis and I headed home until tomorrow. Side note- the valet had to jump mom's car so I could drive home. My battery had 3%left on my phone and inforgot my charger, so I called my husband to tell him my route home, just in case i got stranded. Major traffic problem-highway was shutdown so I had to go a different way but couldn't tell Brion my new route because my phone was dead. I saw a really awesome part of East Grand Praire and drove down Jefferson street all they way to 360. I made it home though. Thank you to everyone who lifted my mom in prayer today. Your prayers worked. She is doing so well! I will update more tomorrow. :)