Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Day After Surgery

My sis spent the day with mom and then I hung out with her for the second part of the day. Here are mom's accomplishments: 1. She sat in a chair twice 2. She took two small labored steps 3. She ate jello, broth, sandwich, and baked potato and kept it all down. She did all of her breathing exercises per hour and coughed a few times like directed. She is still really uncomfortable but managing okay with her pain meds. I left her so she could go to sleep for the night. Oh, also they are keeping the Bare Hugger on her so her new breast stays warm and they are checking it with the Doppler every hour. She has had the best nurses...Sarah and Christy! The Dr. will check on her tomorrow and she if she can walk around. If she does well tonight they will try to move her to her new room tomorrow.