Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Better Rest of Story, Part 2...

Knowing how worried I've been, Dr. Froehlich's nurse called me today and said that he looked at the knee x-ray and he does not think the possible lytic leison will be anything serious.  Wasn't that absolutely wonderful of him to go to that much trouble just to make me feel better and I am not even his personal patient?  I appreciate UTSW so much!  He said he would call me Friday or Monday after he reviews the nuclear medicine bone scan.  I feel so relieved.  There is power in prayer and I attribute this to all the people praying for me - and to the good Lord.

So, I don't need to take anymore Xanax for nerves for now.  I may even be able to have a margarita or a glass of chardonnay by the weekend!  And I'll sleep good tonight.  I went by the library and checked out some audio books and I'm taking my Bose sound system upstairs to my bedroom so I am prepared to be read to sleep with no major worries.