Thursday, September 1, 2011

UTSW Update - Knee

Well, I am done with this subject!  UTSW nurse (not Lou) called me back and said:

UTSW:  Call your rheumatologist.
Me:   I don't have a rheumatologist.
UTSW:  Who prescribed the Enbrel?
Me:  My dermatologist.
UTSW:  Dermatologist?!?!
Me:  Enbrel was prescribed for scalp psorasis, but side effect was for joint pain to go away, so we put 2 and 2 together and figured the problem was solved.
UTSW:  Well, we don't know anything about knees or legs.
Me:  Okay. What about the internist suggesting I have a bacterial infection?
UTSW:  Probably not in the knee from the surgery.
Me:  Should I take this Clindamycin prescribed then?
UTSW:  Usually if a dr. prescribes something, you take it.
Me:  Okay.  Thanks.
UTSW:  If you don't have a rheumatologist, you can go to Urgent Care.
Me:  Okay.  Thanks.

I cannot worry about this anymore.  I'm done!  Just let it resolve itself.  I'll try to improve my attitude - pain or no pain!  Don't worry, be happy!  Tomorrow is another day!