Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Rest of the Story....

I didn't post this before because I didn't want to send out an unnecessary alarm.  But, after thinking about it for a couple of days, I'm sharing it and asking for your continued prayers.

Over the weekend UTSW posted the results of my knee x-ray on my chart.  This was the part that scares me:

Question possible lytic lesion within the anterior aspect of left
lateral femoral condyle. Further evaluation with nuclear medicine bone
scan or MRI may be beneficial as clinically indicated. Will notify
ordering physician with findings.
A lytic lesion can be nothing or it can signify that the cancer has metastisized.  I emailed my oncologist who is in Spain, and told her of my being most worried about this and that I was back to taking the Xanax for my nerves.  I asked her what it could mean.
I got a call just now from a UTSW nurse and was told that the nuclear medicine bone scan I have already scheduled for this Thursday will give more information on the possible lytic leison.  She also said that Dr. Froelich, partner of Dr. Haley, would be taking over my care while she is out of town.  She said that after the bone scan on Thursday he might request an MRI.  He also wants to see me Monday or Tuesday of next week. So I don't have a week off from doctors after all.
I through this out there because I need the prayers of all my friends and family as I await this conclusion.