Monday, September 5, 2011

Sprained Knee

I broke down and went to the ER last Friday to see what in the world was wrong with my knee.  The pain was not going away and it was time to get some answers and relief!  To make a long story short, the ER doctor diagnosed me with a knee sprain, knee infusion (fluid), and knee edema (swelling).  Since I don't remember "recently" spraining my knee, he suggested that it is a common occurence for patients under anesthesia to have a knee twisted as a result of positioning dead weight from the operating table to the hospital bed.  Common?  Lucky me!  They took x-rays and another ultrasound at the ER to rule out a blood clot from the surgery.  He says I need to follow up with a rheumatologist and an orthopedic physicial.  I guess this is the year I live in doctor's offices!!!

The ER doctor prescribed a pain pill that actually worked and Naproxen for inflammation.  He gave me a knee brace and told me to ice the knee 3 times a day.  I spent the weekend at a daughter's home because mine is two-story.  I came home today and am so happy to be here!  I'll just be taking it easy and making minimal trips upstairs!  That will take some thought for organizing!

When the ER doctor asked me if I remembered "twisting" my knee - I did have a flashback to August 6 when I attended a rockin' wedding reception and we were dancing the twist - all the way to the floor and back up.  HOWEVER,  I don't think that is the reason, even though it makes a spicier story.  It was at least 2 weeks before my knee started acting up, so I guess I don't have to give up my dancing days!  Right?