Monday, July 25, 2011

Marvelous Monday!

This will be short and sweet until more details follow tomorrow.  Baby daughter Monica took me to see the breast surgeon in Bedford today for my 2nd opinion.  We both felt like she is the breast surgeon for me. She gave us a plan and answered our questions. We have tremendous confidence in her so I have decided to go with her.  We had a celebration family dinner at El Gabacho with my precious granddaughters and son-in-law afterwards.  However, I am weary and brain dead.  Monica took notes and taped the consultation on her iPhone.  She is going to go home and type them up and send them to me.  I will share with you tomorrow - more information than you probably want to know.  I trust this breast surgeon and just cannot put myself through anymore consults and opinions.  She gave me a prescription for Xanax so I can cancel my appointment tomorrow with the internist that doesn't seem to know or understand me - who would not refill my prescription without another appointment tomorrow afternoon - remember, I just saw him last week.  I felt like going to his office and pulling a Shirley MacClaine - remember Terms of Endearment?.  Can you just see me at his receptionist desk trying to convice him to give me something for anxiety as I am screaming?  Now, I don't have to do that.  : )

I will be contacted tomorrow for an breast MRI appointment at the hospital in Mansfield who has breast imaging MRI equipment - yay!  Then a CAT scan of chest and abdomen and whole body bone scan - we don't know where yet.  Then genetic testing to for the sake of my daughters and grandchildren.  Then an oncologist consultation and she thinks highly of one here in good old Arlington - yahoo!  I will need chemotherapy but possible not radiation.  Monica figured that the chemotherapy should be finished by Christmas.  I know my good friends JANET AND CHRIS will help me find a sassy wig!  I will also have a plastic surgeon consultation before the mastectomy/mastectomies.  How big do I want to be?  Nipples or no nipples?  At least I'll be perky again, folks!

At the restaurant, 3 year old Ava wanted to see my "boo-boo" & 6 year old Ella asked if I had already had my surgery - looking first at my chest, then my face - ha!  I told Ava I would show her my "boo-boo" in the morning when I baby-sit my precious granddaughters.  They are coming over for Mimi time and blueberry muffins while mom and dad go to their last meeting with their financial planner.  Of course, my "boo-boo", like any other, looks worse than when the biopsy was done - you know how bruises get darker and meaner looking after the initial injury has taken place.

Tomorrow, folks.  I'm going to bed early!!!  Tylenol PM here I come!