Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Plastic Surgeon Consult

I have an appointment with the plastic surgeon recommended by the Bedford breast surgeon on Monday at his Fort Worth office.  He is the plastic surgeon who will reconstruct my perky new boobs! 
As I already said, the breast MRI, CAT scan for chest and abdomen, and total body scan will be done tomorrow at Methodist Hospital in Mansfield.  Monica is picking me up and taking me and Michele is staying with me all day.  They are a great little tag team.

Those results to see if the cancer has spread (continue praying that it has not) will depend on the next steps.  If it has spread I'll have to have chemotherapy before the bilateral mastectomies.  If it has not spread, the plastic surgeon & breast surgeon will immediatley plan their schedules with the hospital's to set up my surgery.

I have been reading up on what to do to prepare for the surgery.  This is what I've found out so far:
* Get out my robes, gowns, pajamas, and shirts that button up the front because I won't be able to put anything on over my head.
* Get a stack of take out menus handy.
* Get myself 2-3 sports bras with front closures. (How the heck do I know what size I'll need with my boobies gone?)
* Set out my slip on shoes and slippers because I will not be able to bend down to tie or pull on shoes.
*  Have at least 2 ice packs for each side.  (I would have never thought of that!)  They help with swelling and alleviate soreness.  You don't want them too big or heavy though because you could find the pressure from the weight to be uncomfortable.  They say Target sells ice packs for children that work perfectly.They are found and fit perfectly inside a bra (but was warned, they usually have a princess or Spiderman on them!).
*  Charge my electric razor becuase it will not be easy to shave under my arms after surgery.  You also don't have much feeling in the area.  An electric razon will allow me to safely shave under my arms.  Well, that's good to know!
* Set everything I need at waist level because I will not be able to reach up into cabinets or closets.  (I remember one time in 1985, when I had back surgery after a car wreck, I was at home recouperating.  I dropped a Ding Dong on the floor & had to pick it up with my toes so that my dog wouldn't eat it and die!  That was squishy between my toes as I crushed the chocolate against the cream filling!
* Can you think of anything else?
That's all the info I've had time to find out today.  Have books to read and more online research to do!

I cut my hair about 3" today because that long stuff was bothering me.  I now have a short, layered bob like I've worn a lot in the past.  This will do me until chemo starts and we have a head shaving party!

I have two good friends that are very knowledgeable about wigs and have some very cute ones for themselves.  They are each going to take me to their favorite wig salons in the Dallas area to get me set up for when the hair goes.  You know they say, "HAIR TODAY, GONE TOMORROW".    I've seen some real sassy wigs online & cannot wait to get a couple!  I'll get short, gray ones to match my natural hair. 

Dr. Brian gave me a prescription for 0.50 mgs of Xanax and I slept like a baby last night!  Woohoo!  I didn't even wake up to go to the bathroom.  She is a life saver, in more ways than one!

My sweet little 3 year old granddaughter, Ava, wanted to see my boo-boo.  I showed her yesterday (only the badly bruised top of my boobie) and she quickly reached over & kissed it before I knew what she was doing.  She goes to a Christian school - and let me tell you, that girl knows how to pray!!!

This all seems so surreal.  I feel like I'm living someone else's life.  As Hoda said, "I'm floating above it all, wondering whose life I am watching."  This is indeed an out of body experience.