Tuesday, August 9, 2011

2 mOrE DaYs!

A little less than two days left until surgery.  This has been like getting ready for a trip, packing to move, and getting ready for company all rolled into one!  I haven't figured out if it wears you out or gets your mind off of it - probably both!

Yesterday I had a wonderful lunch with girlfriends I've been friends with most of my life - some of us that went on to college together and pledged the same sorority.  It was so good to reminisce and laugh.  Love you girls!!!!!

Last night I was surprised with flowers again by a very sweet guy who took me out to dinner.  I've got to quit eating like this!

This day started with me taking Lizzie, my 7 year old maltese to the groomers.  The groomer gave her "Pretty in Pink" bows!  She'll be going with me to my daughter's house after the mastectomy during my initial recouperation.

After I got Lizzie groomed I went to the library and checked out 2 books to read while lying around after the mastectomy - "The Secret Life of Bees" and "Breast Cancer - The Complete Guide".  Wonder which one will be better reading?  ; )

Next I went to get a shellac manicure and a shellac pedicure in Pink Pop color!  This shellac stuff is supposed to last 2-4 weeks, so this way I won't be painting my fingernails in the car on the way to the hospital or in the recovery room.  I can tell you every red light in Arlington that is long enough for me to paint one entire hand of nails!

I thought the day at Serenity Spa would be relaxing and take my mind off the troubles of the world.  NOT!  Let me tell you, the poor little nail tech needed me MUCH more than I needed him.  He kept sighing and turning the little fan on himself.  He looked at me and said, "Do you have trouble sleeping?"  I thought he must have been reading my mind.  "A little as of lately", I anxiously replied.  He says, "I haven't slept in five days!"  He also said that he has Type 2 Diabetes and that he takes meds for that.  I asked him if maybe the meds had the side of effect of keeping him awake.  He said he was going to look that up online.  He also told me his doctor was very uncaring - didn't listen to him and stood away across the room from him whenever he went to see him.  I suggested maybe he find a better doctor and he said he  didn't have insurance.  He points to several areas on his head that are painful when he touches them!  Man, I'm really feeling blue about now!  THEN, he told me he was very depressed.  He asked me if I was ever depressed and if I took anything for it.  He is getting a little personal here.  I shared with him what I could about talking to his pharmacist and perhaps finding a more caring doctor (his doctor is also Vietnamese).  I hope I cheered him up a little.  He took my hand and closed his eyes like he was praying right before I left his chair.  I am worried about him.

Tonight?  Date night at TGI Fridays - woohoo!  Tomorrow?  Go to hospital for pre-admittance stuff, pack bag for hospital, pack bag for stay at daughter's home,  buy groceries to have on hand at daughter's of my favorite things, pack up dog with crate & go to spend night at daughter's house in anticipation of leaving at 5:00 AM Thursday morning to get the tests done before the surgery at 11:00 AM.

I'll probably do a blog update tomorrow to chronicle the pre-admittance procedures, then may turn my blog over to my daughters for the post surgery report.  We'll just see how it goes.....