Monday, August 1, 2011

Dr. Shopping Done!

My daughter, Michele, and I loved the course of action Dr. Euhus at UTSWMC wants me to follow.  He is the man!  It is quite a big change from the first two opinions, also!  Here are Michele's notes copied & pasted from her Evo to my Evo:  My own words are in italiacs.  You won't believe the new course of treatment I am embarking upon! 

Dr. Euhus:

Does not recommend genetic testing. Less than 1% chance of it being inherited.

Only 6% chance of it going to other breast in 20 years.

Does not recommend bilateral masectomy. (Oh My Goodness!)

Conservative option would be to do unilateral masectomy. Reconstruction only after chemo & radiation ( because radiation would scar reconstruction begun too early). Would use belly flap for reconstruction.  (Tummy tuck here I come!)

Remove left breast. Sentinal node biopsy. If positive, then remove all lymph nodes. Put in port. These types of tumors don't respond well to chemo, but will do anyway. Then radiation. Wait 4-6 months and then discuss reconstruction.

"Her 2" bio marker is borderline. Waiting on fish test to come back. If comes back positive, then will want to do chemo first to shrink tumor. Unlikely it will come back positive, though.

Medical oncology appt this week before surgery.

Surgery could be scheduled this Thursday or next Tuesday.

Thanks, sweet daughter Michele for taking me to the doctor and for taking notes and being there for support.

Thanks good friend, Carolyn for meeting me there and helping decide on procedures and future team doctors - and for getting me into this facility in the first place!!!!!

Michele, Caitlyn, & I went to El Gabacho & celebrated.  I bought Caitlyn a cute top on sell at Groovy's and bought myself an antique looking wire basket with handles to carry around all the books I am reading!

Life is good!