Friday, August 5, 2011

Dr. Haley, Aug. 5

I met for the first time today with my oncologist, Dr. Haley, at UTSWMC.  I really like her and have all the confidence in the world in her.  I will meet with her about 3 weeks after my mastectomy, Sept. 6 in fact, to discuss the types of chemo, radiation, & hormone therapies my pathology reports from the surgery indicate I need.  (Thanks, friend, Carolyn, for going along as support again!)

Smart phone notes taken my genius daughter Michele, and emailed to me by the time I got home:

Needs post op path reports before determining chemo treatment.

This type of cancer is conducive to someone who has been on hormone replacement therapy a long time.

Her tumor very estrogen & progestin strong. 21% (over 10% considered high). Her2 negative. Tumor has probably been there a long time.

Adjuvant therapy.  Adjuvant treatment is a cancer treatment (chemotherapy, or biological therapy) that is offered after a surgical procedure in order to improve the outcome of patients at high risk of relapse. After surgery, adjuvant treatment is given to target leftover disease that cannot be seen with the eye or in scans

Long term therapy because of the estrogen reducing agent.

Will see her about 3 weeks post op. Will go over path reports at that time.

Will anchor mom in with gynecologist here.

Suggested Mom get set up with mychart to communicate with nurses and doctors.

Let me end by saying I am super impressed with UTSW.  They all work in conjuction with one another and treat the patient with the utmost respect , kindness and efficiency.  So glad I'm there!  In fact, all my doctors will be there in the future so they can coordinate all aspects of my health from all medical fields.