Monday, August 1, 2011

Wouldn't You Just Know!

Those of you that know me, know I am a romantic at heart.  68 years young and looking for Mr. Right to be my loving companion in my "twilight years".  Well, heck, wouldn't you just know I just got the sweetest email from a cute guy my age from!  I am very picky and rarely ever respond to "winks" or even "emails" from gentlemen on that sight.  This one sounded good, but I had to tell him I am temporarily "off the market" with all this breast cancer stuff ahead of me.  And if ever I needed a spouse or serious boyfriend the time would have been now.  But, I have my friends, family, daughters, and God!  So all the romantic stuff can wait!

Today I see Dr. Euhus at UTSW.  I am very excited about his state of the art facility and breast cancer treatment reputation.  I will blog about this later this evening, or feel free to call me if I do not get around to doing this computing tonight.  Grandddaughter Caitlyn is going to spend the night with me and we'll probably go eat at El Gabacho and do a little girlie shopping.

I love all of you and I love my Heavenly Father.  (In times like these you miss your parents - who sat with me for hours after a serious car wreck and back surgery in 1985.  I awoke in the hospital after the care flight and all the MRIs and my parents were sitting at the foot of my bed.  My daddy was crying because he said I looked "dead".  I had on full make up because I had been on my way to a Mavericks game with friends when the wreck occured.  I had on a new expensive outfit and wouldn't let the nurse cut the skirt off of me.  I made her slip the stitches up the side seam - but she went up the wrong side without the zipper and button hole.  I said, "Go ahead and gut through the waist band because my mother is an excellent seamstress."  And she did fix that favorite outfit like new and I wore for a few years afterwards.  An 18 wheeler ran a stop sign.  It was bad.)